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Web Design, first impressions are what count.

We offer professional and personalised web design solutions.  Our technical know-how, experience and creative talent is best in class to develop and build your web site. Ongoing creative guidance to build the most cost effective site, leaving the final decision to you.

We strive to have the best performance for your site, so we optimise graphics, SEO and compatibility with different devices. Security, preventing spammers and un-authorised access all part of the package.

We use the most popular open source technology not locking you in, this also saves you money.

Monthly packages to maintain your site, keeping it updated, doing backups and maintaining your database. SEO needs constant change and updates to keep up your search rankings, something that all too often gets neglected.

Start thinking about your site, look at the considerations below and lets talk.

Things to consider

As the site is yours, it must reflect you or your brand. We bring your ideas to life. Listed below are some ideas to give you inspiration on what you looking for.

  • Look at other  websites that you like the look of. Look at the colours, layout  etc. This will give us ideas of what you are looking for. Remember this will be your site and must be what you want.
  • Do you have existing logos, pictures, videos etc. If not we can help. However the pictures need to reflect you or your brand, we usually request that you provide them. As for logos and video, we can create these as needed.
  • Your colour template, mood board, preferably with the # values. To be exact. Everyone wants a colour scheme, think about what reflects you.

We will provide a template document for you to fill in, here we indicate what you need to provide. When a preliminary design is done we will have placeholders for pictures to fulfil the design.

But lets get started, contact us today.


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